So, What is Cloud Computing?

Diagram, Cloud Computing, Communication Technologies

Diagram, Cloud Computing, Communication Technologies

  So we’ve seen that cloud is only a metaphor but, when combined with computing as Cloud Computing it becomes an utility and a new technology that provides its users with services, and applications that increase capacity and capabilities without the need of investing on infrastructure, training personnel or licensing new software. Cloud computing, is basically virtual severs that are available on the internet for use.

10659018-abstract-design-of-technological-devices But, how do they work? Well when experts refer to a cloud computing system they usually divided into two sections The Front End and The Back End section that are interconnected through a network (The Internet).
The front end is the section that belongs to the client, in this case their computer, mobile or any technological device that has the required user interface and network that is used to access the “Cloud”.On the other side, we have the back end section that integrates servers, data storage and computers that form the “Cloud”.

In the cloud, we have a Central administer system that is responsible for monitoring the traffic, ensuring that everything runs well and its up to date to the client demands. The system uses a software called a Middleware that allows networked computers to connect and communicate with each other, moreover the system has to follow a set of rules (Protocols) to work properly. Nevertheless, cloud computing companies always require a high a demand for storage from their clients. Most of the time individual servers aren’t working at their full capacity for many reasons first because the user doesn’t demand much storage space, or because the applications doesn’t require  the full server  capacity to work. This means that servers most of the time have unused power that’s being waste. But, not for long Server Virtualization allows cloud computing companies to fool a physical server to think he is actually multiple servers.

However, there are different types of Cloud Computing service models that adjust to the demands of the customers and grants them with different features.


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