Moving to the cloud.


So, why are business moving to the cloud?

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We`ve seen how a cloud computing system works so to simply put, business are moving to cloud computing  because it increases flexibility, efficency,collaboration, competitiveness and many other reasons.

Modern business used to operate and run their own technology infrastructure, such as their own in-house data center, servers, control and security of the system. Business have always had a hard time alining business with technology. Due to the fact that the investment on technology is usually costly.However, today with the  constant new technology improvements modern business have been able to shift to Cloud Computing. They have realized the benefits of this shift since they no longer have to invest money on managing infrastructure and acquiring software licenses for their employees.

Cloud computing has opened up new possibilities for business. To start, they no longer have to spend large quantities of money to keep their business on track, in terms of money they can see that profitability rises because productivity is improved. Business revenues are rising through cost saving, thanks to the controlled utility expenses. Cloud computing is rapidly changing how business work. Alining your business and technology has never been easier.


Cloud computing has become a business model and as a business model it provides different types of services that adjust to the customer needs.

  • The Private Cloud: This type of Cloud Computing Service infrastructure is dedicated only to a single organization or business. With this type of service the organization cant share information with outsiders. Moreover, the cloud system can be controlled by someone internal or externally by a third party.
  • Types of Cloud ComputingThe Public Cloud: This type of Cloud Service is offered for the general public, meaning it has no restrictions when it comes with control and management of the information. Since, the public cloud is accessed through the internet for the open public security protection is minimal. But, individuals can perform their tasks on a low cost by using the  “Pay as you go” model.
  • The Community Cloud : The community cloud is shared among large organizations that are governed and secured by the same third party. In most cases this type of cloud is used by the Government with the objective to synergy with other organizations to achieve a common goal.
  • The Hybrid Cloud: As the name says they are a mix of two, a private and a public cloud. They are used with the benefits and advantages that offer both type of models.

check out this video by IBM.


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